How many times have you felt overworked, stressed out, and frustrated at the things on your to-do list?

We all talk about it, and we hear this from our clients a lot – we want a better work-life balance. Is it really possible? Between work, family, friends and (gasp!) time for yourself, it can be nearly impossible to fit it all in. Do you find yourself assuming the martyr role then feeling resentful for the responsibility?

This morning, our CCO, Maureen spoke to a group of women at Rochester Women’s Network about ways to prioritize your tasks, de-stress your days and find greater joy in your life.

We covered:
– how to set your priorities so you can be reminded of what is important to you
– how to make work-life balance effective for the long term
– ways to say “no” to things that you don’t really want to do
– and we wrapped up with a question and answer session to tackle specific questions about individual work-life balance hurdles.

You can get the slides by clicking here:
The Elusive Work-Life Balance: Can It Ever Be Achieved? 



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