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So, you’ve got a job interview in sight? Well done! Now the hard part begins. Not only do you have to prepare yourself for the questions that may be asked, as well as preparing for the type of interview you will be in, you should also consider the right outfit to wear on the day.

Colors to Consider:

These colors offer the chance for the person interviewing you to stay focused on the interview at hand, and not the color of the outfit you’re wearing.

Blue: This color is the safest option to wear to an interview. It conveys a sense of calm, stability, and trust to the interviewer. If you’re interviewing for a creative role, however, avoid navy blue. This color does not represent creativity, but logic.

Grey: Similar to blues, grey is a color that allows the interviewer to focus on you, not distracting them. Greys also denote sophistication, class and is ideal for an interview in any industry.  

Black: This color is one that is ideal for those applying for a managerial position, as it portrays power and authority. This one can be a bit tricky, because even though black can look very put together, there are so many different shades and tones of black, so if you’re trying to make a suit out of two pieces of clothing that are different shades of black, it can look off.

White: Ideal for a role that needs attention to detail, white is your shade. Associated with organisation and precision, it’s a shade that conveys cleanliness and impartiality. Although it’s advised that you should avoid an all-white suit, you can always wear a white blazer, white shirt or even a white dress.

Colors To Avoid:

There are some colors that carry a negative connotation, or can just become distracting. Here are some colors to wear in moderation, or avoid altogether.

Red: This color does convey power, but it also can convey cockiness and aggression. If you want to show off your dominance, use it as an accent color. This can be with a red lip, a red bag or red nails. When you get ready in your bathroom before the interview, pop on a red lip. It adds life to your face, and adds that pop of power to your look, without conveying an aggressive tone.

Brown: This color actually conveys a dependable and reliable attitude, however, it’s best that you avoid it altogether. While this color isn’t strictly associated with any negative ideals, it can appear dated, giving off the impression that you are simple and slow to change. Sure, you can have a brown leather bag, or brown accessories, but perhaps you should leave the brown for your dining furniture, not your suit.

Orange: This color may be the ideal color to surround yourself for a creative work space, but it’s best to avoid this color for a job interview. 25% of interviewers associate this color with being unprofessional, so it would be wise to stick to other colors. If you are applying for a job in a creative field, opt for colors such as green, purples and yellows, as they offer more positive connotation than orange.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite color to wear to a job interview? Leave a comment below! Thank you again to Ally Feiam for taking the time to write such as wonderful guest post! Don’t forget to visit MyDeal, an online marketplace with over 25,000 products!!





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