Guest Post: How (And Why!) To Write Interview Thank-You Notes
We had the nicest comment one day on our blog. It was from Heidi, who has this awesome site, Tons of Thanks. Of course, we had to ask her tips on how to write thank-you notes after job interviews (she has been writing thank-you notes for more than 30 years!) Please visit her site Tons of Thanks and check out her book A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Writing thank-you notes after a job interview can feel challenging. We will start with some tips followed by a template and a few examples. Job Interview Thank-You Note Tips: The goal of sending a thank-you note after a job interviewer is to have another contact point. They may be interviewing several candidates and your note may bring your name back to the top of the list. Remember, to thank them for meeting with you first as interviewing can be quite time-consuming for those doing the interviews. Even
The Elusive Work-Life Balance
How many times have you felt overworked, stressed out, and frustrated at the things on your to-do list? We all talk about it, and we hear this from our clients a lot – we want a better work-life balance. Is it really possible? Between work, family, friends and (gasp!) time for yourself, it can be nearly impossible to fit it all in. Do you find yourself assuming the martyr role then feeling resentful for the responsibility? 1615
Women Create Opportunities for Other Women
Well, we were on Cloud 9 yesterday. We had a very exciting feature published on 9 to 5 Project that highlighted how the work we do helps create opportunities for the women in our communities. The most exciting part about it is that by reaching more people, we have an opportunity to HELP more people – and that’s what’s it’s all about. The article, titled Women create opportunities for other women profiles the 9 to 5 Project owners Neely and Maureen on the journey to build the 9 to 5 Project company into the one you know (and love!) today. The article mentions that “In consultations, [Neely] looks to identify a client’s skill sets and also assess anything they’re lacking. They could be easily attainable things like upgrading social media skills or some that may take some more time, like taking an online course.”  She goes on to say that “she recommends
Here Is What To Do To Your LinkedIn Right. Now.
In September 2016, LinkedIn announced a redesign of its desktop (non-app) user interface (yeah, I missed it too!) The announcement noted, “This is the largest redesign since LinkedIn’s inception.” The design update is expected to bring the desktop experience closer to what users of the LinkedIn mobile app are used to seeing. 1466
12 Specific Ideas to Job Search During the Holidays
It is a total myth that companies don’t hire during the holidays. Employers hire all 12 months of the year. In fact, many new positions are funded to start with a new budget year — which often coincides with a new calendar year. Other hiring managers have hiring budgets that must be spent before the end of the year — “use it or lose it.” Both of these scenarios offer many opportunities for jobseekers in December. 1439
How to Change Careers: 5 Things To Do Right Now
There is a lot more involved in changing careers than there is in just a job change.  But usually people are really just pivoting. That’s one of those terms that’s all the rage right now, but there is a lot of truth to it. There is usually a good amount of overlap from the job you have been doing to the career you want to pursue.(And doesn’t that sound a lot more manageable?) 1269
Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss With This NEW E-Course
You deserve fair pay, girlboss. We put together an e-course for every woman who feels that they should be paid fairly (all of us, of course!) – the ones looking for a raise or looking for a job. Closing the wage gap is something that we all have to work toward.  And it starts with asking to be paid what you’re worth! 1331
I Hired An Expert To Write My Resume (And So Should You!)
This is a guest post from one of our clients. She is choosing to be anonymous at this time because she is conducting an active, confidential job search. There was no denying it. My resume wasn’t giving me enough credit. It was the same resume I had used a year ago, and the year before that, and the year before that, and…you get the idea. 1239
Why This Veteran Mom Has No Regrets
This is a guest post from our September 2016 Brand Ambassador, Becca! I started my first career at 17. That career – in a way – still haunts me. I chose to be a soldier. I was in love with my job. The pay was great and I was good at what I did. But I made the choice to leave the military behind and start a new career after nine years. 1128
Why You Need To Meet Us HERE Every Wednesday
  This week, we are trying something new. We added a new chat feature to our website so that it would be super easy for you to ask questions. But, do you have general career or resume questions? Do you just need a professional opinion and you don’t know who to ask? Well, we are here to help! Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, September, 21) we will hold open office hours from 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm EDT. It’s your opportunity to ask us anything! Meet us on the site and ask whatever you would like by writing your question in the chat box in the lower right side of the screen. See you tomorrow! This blog is a resource guide for educational and informational purposes. We use our experiences, experiences of others and various resources to write articles. But, our advice doesn’t come with any guarantees. You’re cool with that, right? Thanks again!